[Article] Ancient Origins: The Elusive Origins Of The Danuna Of The Sea People

The Sea Peoples.
A new article of mine has been posted on the Ancient Origins Members website. It focuses on the Danuna, a distinct tribe or identify of the Sea Peoples written of extensively by the New Kingdom Ancient Egyptians. You can read the full article here or catch the preview here.

Scholars tend to lean more on archaeology and ancient Egyptian inscriptions to seek the identities of the elusive Sea Peoples. This is not a simple endeavor, but in summary the Sea Peoples were an enigmatic confederacy of seafaring raiders from the central and eastern Mediterranean who sailed east and invaded Anatolia, Syria, Canaan, Cyprus, and Egypt toward the end of the Late Bronze Age Period. The term used to refer to these foreign migrants is derived from ancient Egyptian sources, providing numerous documented accounts of battles involving them.

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Working through Egyptian sources across a number of pharaohs’ reigns, scholars have isolated but not entirely identified a total of ten tribes or groups of Sea Peoples who were said to have wreaked havoc in Egypt. Why Egypt? It was the center of wealth, power and civilization in the then economic world. It would have been an attractive location for anyone looking for new opportunities.