The Theran Exodus
The year is 1550 BC and the ancient world would be witness to the most destructive natural event in human history. The island is Thera and the event is the eruption of the volcano in the center of the island. It will not only bury the city of Akrotiri under ash but also, lead to the mystery on where the ancient Theran went preceding the eruption because we have yet to find a single victim of the eruption on the island today.


An Age Of Heroes
You are invited on a journey to our distant past. A time of myth. An age of heroes. When demigods battled monsters of legend. But how much of it was legend? Were Homer’s Odyssey and Virgil’s Aeneid inspired by true events? Is there a historical record of such adventurous seafaring occurring from the time of the end of the Trojan War? What do we know about the authors of these epics and the rest of the Trojan Cycle and how have the stories evolved with each telling? What hidden wisdom is preserved in these narratives?


The Trojan War
Hers was the face that launched a thousand ships. According to legend, the abduction of Helen initiated a 10 year war but how much reality is there behind this legend. Did Helen ever exist? How about an Agamemnon? Was there ever a Trojan War or series of events that collectively give us the epic we have come to know today?