A scholarly work investigating the origins of the Hebrews religion and ancient writings.


It is evident that Petros Koutoupis has done an extensive amount of research concerning the origins of the Hebrew Bible and with his background in the Biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek he is able to dig deep into the texts. In his book, An Adopted Legacy, Neo-Assyrian Origin to Hebrew Lore, Petros has painstakingly analyzed the writings and documents of other cultures, Semitic and non-Semitic alike, which lived around and among the Hebrews which, have had an influence on the Hebrews culture, religion and writings. The book is well organized and written so scholars and lay people can read and use it in their own studies and research.


Jeff A. Benner

Ancient Hebrew Research Center

Author of The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible and A Mechanical Translation of the Book of Genesis.